Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Rappers Get No Respect

Is it me or are rappers increasingly getting no respect from people? I know not everyone likes hip hop, and I accept that shit – a mudafucka don’t have to like it

Some people outside of the global hip hop community don’t like rappers. I’ve met a lot of peeps who stereotype rappers negatively. And when I say negatively I mean, they chat and/or think shit about rappers in order to use them as a REASON to justify to themselves why god should favor them, over rappers. They straight up ride on rappers. It’s not new, and in fact, it’s not just rappers that get this negative stereotype. What’s fucked up is stereotyping someone is ENTIRELY on the person who’s stereotyping, simply because it’s their thought. You could stereotype (think) some good shit, or negatively as a means to establish a reason (justify) why you’re better, or whatever. I don’t know much about Irish people but my stereotype (thought) of them is they can fight you all day and they never get drunk. And I say that with love

Rappers are what a person makes them to be – a person’s thought (stereotype). People outside of the hip hop community don’t respect rappers – and that’s whatever. You should focus on your community and not concern about others, right?

But I’ve noticed increasingly that people who love hip hop show no respect to rappers. They love a star. But don’t consider a rapper as nothing more than a moron. In other words, unless a rapper is a star – Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Nas, Timbaland, and the like – no one gives a fuck about him (or her of course)

If you don’t believe me, check the way a “local” rapper gets treated when he’s on stage at the next live event you go to. The audience don’t seem to give a fuck of his story or whatever he has to say

A singer on the other hand, (and I mean one who’s not a celebrity, or a star or whatever) is adored, especially when on a gig with a rapper

Rappers get no respect. I think a lot of rapper subconsciously know this, which is one reason (I know there are many) why they want to be celebrities. But where does this leave rap?

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