Sunday, 30 August 2009

Funny Team Names

Coming up with a team name is all about being yourself. Think of something and put your own comedic twist on it. Be random. The Gold Fish Bowlers for a bowling league is a perfect example and that just came right of the top of my head. I was looking around the room, saw the goldfish bowl and wala.

The next part of having a great team name again is creativity. Never use a team name that is out there. If you have seen it, others have as well and it will not be the ultra popular name you want it to be. For starters, never use the master batters because everyone has heard it. That name is also a bad choice because of its inappropriateness. The name that you choose reflects on yourself as well, so I would stay away from dirty names if I were you.

Below will be a list that will help you with ideas. I know this goes against creativity, but some people need the help. In this list I guaranty you that there will by the funny basketball team names that catch your eye and make you take a second glance at its greatness.

Like I said before, there is this list coming up of funny basketball names and they will make you the team that everyone talks about. This list isn't going to be just any list. This is going to be the hugest, most massive, most mammoth, titanic, vast, giant, very big list of funny basketball team names you will every see. (I cannot guaranty that.) It is a good size, but I would like to make it bigger so if you could comment or go to my website to add to the list that would be great.

Unleash The Furry

The School Bus Drivers

The Four Skins

Technical Knockout Players of Talent

Players out of Talent

Wonderful Excellent Enormous Dudes

The Intentional Foulers

The Technical Foulders...

Basket Brawlers

The Wet Wedgies

Super Heroes in Training.....

The Extrema

Already Lost

We Lose

Control Freaks

Foodoo Doctors

Wii Not Fit

Smoking Tress and Stroking 3's

Winged Beavers

Snapping Turtles

King Salmons

Wampus Cats

Wii Fat

The Three Basketeers

The Boston Three Party

The Three Amigos

Cunning Stunts

The Baseball Team

The Monkey Yummies

Lightning Zappers


The Cereal Killers

Staying Yummy

The Fugitive Mangoes

Dazzling Stars

The Hot Dawgz

The Razzle Dazzle of Fantazzmanglers

Mighty Morphin

Ginyu Force

Mischievous Polar Bears

The Flying Monkeys

Athletic Hippies

The Flying Apes

The Bankers

Flying Bacons

Crazy Catz

Lunch Ladies

You Lead And Afflalo

P.S. If you are sponsored though, you will not be able to use these team names, but the payoff is worth it. Show me the money.

P.S.S. Never make basketball about the money. Play for fun. That is the reason you started playing so keep it up. If you are playing for any other reason you should rethink why you are playing.

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

This Set Surely Has An Entourage Season 5 DVD

Season five blends so well with season four; one is just a continuation right into the other. And with season 5 out on DVD right now, you will surely want to pick it up and hang onto it.

If you are someone that has never seen this show here is the basic plot of the series. It is a hilarious series that revolves around an up and coming Hollywood heart throb, Vince Chase. The series follows the life of Vince, as his half brother Eric, manages his career to assist in his achievement of being in the Hollywood spotlight. However, it does not only follow the life of Vice, it also documents the lives of his half brother and his entire entourage.

Although I have been a fan of Entourage since the very first episode, this is by far my favorite season yet. First of all contains a certain amount of reality, which helps you stay focused on what is coming up next. Also, it is unlike many other shows at there today, because the story lines are paced perfectly and do not drag on. The show also has enough humor that you will keep laughing even after some of Vince's biggest failures. You do not laugh at him, however, you laugh because you can relate to what he is going through, and the struggles he is facing. Although serious at time, you will not find yourself in hysterics by the end of the show, it is a light hearted comedy, that gives you a look at the upbeat side of life. Of course another reason that I am in love with this series is for the gorgeous men that come on the screen week after week.

Season 5 was also a season full of guest stars and cameos. Some of my favorites include Bow Wow and Fran Drescher. Other appearances included Martin Landau, Kevin Pollack, Eric Roberts, Mark Wahlberg and T.I.

Entourage Season 5 on DVD is a must have 3 DVD set that will leave you laughing not only at the lives of these incredible characters, but at your own existence as well.

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Retro Man, Halloween Costumes From The 70s Era

In the 21st century the 70s Halloween costumes is a favorite choice of outfits for those who like to dress up. For Halloween the retro look is cool; no wonder the hippie look for Halloween continues to be a popular option. When you think about big hairdo?s and go-go boots it is easy to see why 70?s Halloween costumes are a preferred style for those who like to dress up on this Holiday. Even though the 70s have long past, when Halloween comes around, you can still go retro and bring this decade back to life.

Hippies were a big, if not controversial, part of the 1970s. Bell-bottom pants and tie-dyed shirts were all the rage. Release your inner flower child with a totally groovy, hippie look. It can be fun to be one with nature, even if it is for only one night out of the year. Do not get too caught up in the lifestyle, though. If you plan to party with friends, I highly recommend you still bathe!

British music was popular during the 1970s as well. The genre became just as famous in the United States as it was across the pond. Consider Brit themed attire, complete with Sergeant Peppers-style jacket, either purchased or handmade. If you play guitar, why not practice a few Beatles riffs and bring your instrument along to really live the part.

If the hippy scene is not appealing, and you are not a fan of British tunes, consider going retro chic. Short dresses, bright colors, go-go boots, and a neckerchief will complete the look perfectly. Think of 70s Halloween costumes that resemble Daphne from Scooby Doo!

The reality is that there are many options to choose from when defining your 70s Halloween costumes. Strapped for ideas ? you can always mimic the style of famous, or infamous, people of the era. No doubt about it, if go-go boots and afros just don?t do it for you, there is the option of choosing 70s Halloween costumes that are more abstract rather than direct replicas.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you don?t have to use those obvious references, like the hippy, when coming up with your 70s Halloween costumes idea. Retro doesn?t mean that you can?t use a more obscure aspect of the decade when designing your costume. You could be a character from ?Star Wars? for example. Watching popular old movies can help give you some idea of which direction to take.

When you get the outfit together you?re not exactly finished. All 70s Halloween costumes should be taken to the next level by adding some acting skills to accompany the outfits. What were some common phrases or words that would fit your 70?s persona? You could even add a British accent if it works with the specifics of the outfit. At the very least, you may get some extra laughs.

Have fun designing the details of your 70s Halloween costumes; this is after all one of the most popular decades of the 20th century. With so many strong characters and personalities you?ll find that there are a myriad of options on how best to go retro with your costume. Don?t forget to add the extra bells and whistles of also acting the part. Doing these things can help you go beyond go-go boots and bell-bottoms; you can actually end up with some one-of-a-kind 70s Halloween costumes options. Edited by Hetsil Protage

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Give Your Promotion Strategy An Advantage Through Lanyards

Businesses often end up allocating a lot of money on their marketing strategy. People identify with a company when they are exposed to its logo repeatedly through appealing merchandise. Irrespective of the kind of merchandising that an organization uses, the main purpose always is to form a positive impression on potential customers. Using lanyards is a very effective way of doing this.

One of the most well known and efficient forms of marketing at business events has been T-shirts printed with the name of the company. However, Lanyards are the newest addition in the repertoire of marketing tools. They are widely used nowadays, as potential customers often instinctively end up reading the business' slogan and name printed on them.

If made use of appropriately, lanyards prove to be very effective in corporate events such as industry exhibitions and conventions. The event can be made livelier be giving out lanyards to the attendees. By adding the name and date of the event on the lanyard, along with the company's symbol, you can make it serve the additional purpose of a memorabilia.

Lanyards hardly cost anything to the organization and they are lesser expensive than having t-shirts made for the occasion. They create goodwill among prospective customers and it is a known fact that they have a very good recall value.

Lanyards, apart from being highly inexpensive and impactful, also have other advantages as promotional items. You can use lively colours on them without irking people's eyes, which gives them a high visibility and draws attention. As they can be used for several purposes like displaying ID cards, they have a high functional value. Because of its varied uses, prospective clients can also take it home and find various uses of it, which gets visibility to your company for a long time.

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Three Ways To Use Laughter To Get Through Life's Toughest Times

Ive never had cancer. But I can't tell you how many times I begged God to let me bear that burden. My son, a strapping 22-year-old junior at the University of Missouri, woke up with an aching chest that turned out to be a malignant tumor. Hes only a boy, I pleaded. Ive had a great life. Let it be me"not him.

After his diagnosis, much of what happened was a blur. Months of chemo. Surgery. Watching my son lose his hair, his appetite gone because everything tasted metallic, as all the while he wondered if he would have a girlfriend, a family of his own, a life

I'd spent twenty years studying therapeutic humor. I"d written about it, spoken on it, spent years of my life convincing colleagues, peers, and audience members that laughter plays an important role in our lives. Now, it was time to walk the walk. It was hard, I won't kid you about that. Finding something to laugh about during one of the toughest times in our lives sometimes required conscious effort. Yet sometimes, thankfully, if we would just let it, it would just happen. We'd find ourselves laughing at the situations life presented. Humor was a saving grace for all of us.

Sorrow has its hour. There were many tears. But joy has a claim as well, and there was laughter too. Lots of laughter.

My son has always been lucky in his friends. David's roommates provided him with great support and camaraderie, dubbing him "Captain Cancer" -- the superhero no one wants to be. One roommate, an artistic red-headed color blind Italian, begged to decorate my son's newly bald head with colorful markers.

He also found support at work. He worked as a bouncer at a local bar. The man he worked the door with was known as Tonto, and my son was The Lone Ranger. Following one of his treatments, a bunch of his buddies visited the bar. Afterward, David announced his new nickname, bestowed by his friends: Chemo-sabi!

Many patients long for humor during their healing process. Allen Klein, author of The Healing Power of Humor, surveyed patients who were terminally ill about their feelings about humor. A vast majority (80%!) wished to laugh more. They wanted more humor -- from the people around them. They also wanted the freedom to use humor themselves.

What is the best way to use humor? Ideally, humor is used proactively, to help heal the body and the spirit. Here are three ways to do this:

Play: We can create our own joy and wellness with play. Create a play list -- ten or more items that don't cost a lot of money that you enjoy doing. They can be simple, they can be personal, but they have to be fun. When you're feeling down, do an item from the list. This will make you feel better.

Make it easy to play by having fun toys around. Magic 8 balls, water guns, even the proverbial rubber chicken-- as long as it makes you smile, it'll work.

Surround yourself with pre-packaged laughs. Collecting funny books, magazines, movies and cartoons is a great way to keep the humor going. Ask people to tell you their funniest story or most embarrassing moment. Save jokes and funny stories. Spending time enjoying your collection can perk up even the toughest days.

Make Connections: Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Spend as little time as possible with negative, downbeat folks who make you feel bad. Ask people to laugh -- and do your best to make them laugh. One laugh leads to the next!

To live well, you must laugh. That's one of the pivotal lessons I learned from my son. He's cancer free now, for four years. And he's also my inspiration: for his courage, his gentle spirit, and of course, his sense of humor. It's my honor to say that he's my hero.

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Monday, 24 August 2009

Cherry Wood Floors - Show Off Your Home's Awesome Looking Floors

Everyone loves the simple look of hardwood flooring. Many people in fact are remodeling their homes and installing Oak Hardwood Flooring. There are many benefits that come along with using this specific grade of wood. If you are hardwood shopping right now, you may need to look closely at cherry wood flooring.

The price is going to be a very big factor when you are buying wood. Make sure that you know how much wood you are going to need. From there, you can easily determine the right price for your wood. Sit down and write down some numbers and then you can begin searching for the right place to buy.

When you are shopping for hardwood floors you should always be paying attention to the quality of the wood. The wood will be priced based on grade, which means the better the wood is, the more expensive it is going to be. With cherry wood, you are getting high quality, so you need to plan on paying a little bit extra.

Buying your cherry wood flooring is not going to be very difficult. There are plenty of places around your city that will provide types of hardwood floors. Just in case you do not find what you are looking for, there are plenty of ways to get what you need!

The next best place you should look for your cherry wood is the internet. There are so many online stores opening up right now, it should be easy to find the best deals. Make sure that you stop by an online flooring liquidator. This is going to be one of your best bets. These sites have some of the best prices when it comes to cherry wood. Most of the time the shipping will even be included! Make sure that you site that you choose has plenty of good reviews. Buying online can run you the risk of getting ripped off.

You should also look at the life of your Oak Floor. Most people who install hardwood floors on their own will be able to enjoy the floor for years to come. On the other hand, if you do not buy the right wood or materials, you could face a lot of different repairs. This is where it is important to do a little bit of research.

Take your time when you are shopping. You need to ensure that you know how to buy cherry floor wood and where. If you do not have these two aspects on your side, you could end up buying the wrong wood. If you are not careful you could end up buying fake wood for the real price. Make sure that you get with a professional so that you can find out how to point out a fake when you see one.

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Making the Best Prank Calls Every Time

If you are a fun loving person, prank calling people can infuse a boring Friday with a load of laughs. Generally, while anyone can prank call, the more sophisticated your prank calling becomes the more fun you can have with the activity until eventually you are prank calling like a pro.

Before we examine the toolbox that a prank caller can use to achieve superior results. Let's look at the two different types of prank callers that one might typically encounter. The two camps can most easily be categorized by their levels of expertise.

The primary and most common kind of prank caller is the amateur. The amateur crank caller almost operated randomly. They know they want to have fun, but they are not sure how to go about the prank call so they usually call random numbers, say something silly, and hang up.

The more disciplined prank caller fits our second description. I call this the pro prank caller. This is person who plans the call beforehand and has the tools at his disposal to make the call go as smoothly as possible.

If you fall into the first category, but want to graduate into the second, what can you do? Follow these three guidelines for improving your prank calls.

Use the Technology

We are in the 21st century. Cell phones are built with caller ID technology and phone number databases can trace your number. Use a prank call service to disguise your phone number so that your target will not be able to ascertain who the call is coming from.

Don't Fall in Love with A Single Target

One mistake people often make is to call one person again and again. This is a rookie mistake. Once someone outs you in the call it is not a good idea to keep calling them back. They are onto the joke and all you are really doing is harassing them.

Use Your Creativity

The key to a good prank call is your imagination. Prank calling when inspired can lead to the best results. My advice is to use your imagination to prolong the call by taking your target around all the twists and turns of the joke before arriving at the punchline.

Keeping these three techniques in mind can help improve your prank calls dramatically. I believe that the only difference between an amateur and professional jokester is the discipline they use in crafting their prank calls.

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Prank Gifts - Why Are They Always Popular?

It is usually really hard to come up with good gifts for people you don't know very well. The first thing to your mind might be to look for stuff the recipient will like and have practical use for. But how do you know what this person will consider practical? Another mistake some people do is to buy gifts that appeal to themselves without considering the taste of the recipient.

It is unfortunate then that what you might consider beautiful, practical and useful might seem ugly, unnecessary and not very useful to somebody else. I am sure that you get lots of completely useless (aside from being gifts you can give to other people) gifts from your family. Either books by my mothers favorite authors, kitchen stuff from my grandmother or car related stuff from my brother, all this is wildly pointless for me even if it might be very useful for them.

The thing with gifts is that most people already own almost everything they need. Of course you could get them something they really want instead, but those tings are often very expensive and not very realistic to get. Many young men would like a sports car, and even if the whole family pooled together enough money to get it there is still the problem of insurance, storing space in winter and so on.

So if we ruled out practical gifts, what is left? Gifts that invoke some kind of memory or positive emotion. This is why souvenirs are so popular even though they often are cheesy, pointless or even plain ugly. They invoke the memories from the trip. In the same way a nicely framed picture you got from your partner might invoke happiness every time you see it.

It is here that I will recommend the gag gift or prank gift. At first glance gag gifts are usually cheap throwaway things, but imagine if you can find a perfect prank gift that will have everyone at the party laughing about it for hours? Of course this gift will be better remembered than all the socks, cookbooks, money envelopes and other gifts taken together. And its not like a gag gift is very expensive, so you can always just give one away together with a "serious" gift for an unbeatable combo!

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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Downloading TV Shows

Missed watching an episode from your favorite television show? Then fret no more as there are a lot of ways to catch up on what you missed. The easiest solution to the problem you have is very simple: download free television shows from the Internet, and watch the episode you missed as many times as you desire

While it is very easy and highly possible to find and download a specific television show and specific television episode, there is a very high likelihood that what you are actually downloading is illegal. And in addition to the legality issue at hand, a lot of those free downloads readily available on the internet come with a lot of adware that could slow down or much worse, corrupt your computer

Certainly, there is a lot of buzz and interest in downloading television shows. Some episodes of popular television series like "Lost" and "Prison Break", for instance, hits millions and millions of downloads for every episode. And while these figures are worldwide statistics, it is very interesting to take notice that the numbers simply match with the average number of television viewers in the United States

When you consider the expenditures of buying popular television shows or when you consider how much cash you could shell out on DVD rentals you may actually begin to speculate if there is indeed a cheaper way of getting a copy of your favorite television shows. Look no further as downloading from the net is definitely the answer as long as it is done in the legal way

There are several TV download services that offer legal downloads at an exceptionally reasonable price. Instead of being charged to download a full season of one television show for instance, they offer you a one-off membership fee to download specific episodes instead of one whole season. This scheme of payment allows access to a huge database instead of just one television show

The greatest part of the whole bunch is that downloads are a lot quicker than other ways to procure television shows. Downloading TV shows legally in now very much accessible to all

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

You Have to See The Set It Off Movie

Stick up a bank? Sure, why not. And the Set It Off movie cast was selected perfectly to imitate four girlfriends who, after being messed up by the system and have nothing to lose, decide to get into the bank robbing industry.

The Set It Off movie Cast includes a HOT Vivica Fox as Frankie, who was recently fired from her bank-teller job for a real BS reason and is pissed at society. She gets to kick some major bootie in this film.

Kimberly Elisa plays Tisean, a single mother that has lost her son to child welfare until she can come up with the money she needs to pay for child care while she cleans offices.

Queen Latifah plays Cleo, a raucous, pot-smoking lesbian, who is continuously up for messing around.

And super spicy Jada Pinkett plays Stony, who is in shock after the cops murder her brother in a situation of mistaken identity, and she simply wants the funds to get out. 'I want to be somebody who doesn't have to do this crap,' she says.

So the girls obtain guns, learn to fire, put on wigs and sunglasses that make their bad old selves look like youthful Tina Turner clones, and set off into the bank-robbing business ' they experience success, which certainly leaves them wanting more.

Set It Off is funny, action packed, smart and witty. The group of four four act a wacky Godfather riff, and Cleo, swaggers and whoops ' she's a lofty, noisy, outrageous bundle of walking black female. In the beginning, the heist business is only a way to get elsewhere, but as their greed overtakes their better common sense and their chief pursuer ( John McGinley) closes in on their fantasy world, realty sets in and sends the show in a tragic direction.

If you're looking for a film to watch with your girlfriend or boyfriend, the Set It Off filmis perfect! Both men and women will like this film Men will love the action and women will understand and enjoy the bond these four girls maintain and what drives them. Women (and perhaps a few men) will furthermore enjoy the subplot romance involving Stony and a banker played by Blair Underwood.

You can at the present get the Set It Off movie on Blu-ray, which makes it an astounding high-definition film watching experience!

The Set It Off soundtrack rocks and is a ideal fit for the film, featuring artists such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Seal, Busta Rhymes, of course Queen Latifah and even a cameo by Gladys Knight in the song Missing You. Even if you don't like the picture, the Set It Off soundtrack alone is worth it. It's a fantastic compilation of music.

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Monday, 17 August 2009

Fear of Funny: What Scares Us About Humor

Babies laugh, long before they can speak. Children laugh 300 times a day. But as we get old, as we age, something happens. We become more somber, more serious. We let go of the joy and laugh less -- remarkably less. The average adult laughs 15 times a day -- a 95% reduction from childhood's more carefree

Where does the laughter go? Why do we stop enjoying ourselves? Is life not funny anymore, once we hit thirty? Some people think it's because adult life is too full of stress and problems to laugh: what's funny, after all, about work and family and taking care of the car and the dog and the house? But humor can help with all of that. Experts regard humor as one of the most effective forms of stress relief available. So why aren't we laughing?

One of the reasons we don't do things -- any thing -- is that we're afraid. We're afraid of being bitten, so we don't pet the dog. We're afraid of being rejected, so we don't ask the pretty girl or handsome guy out. We're afraid of getting audited, so we don't underreport our income every April 15. Every action has a potentially negative consequence, and it's fear of those consequences that keep us from acting.

What are we afraid of when we don't laugh? Here are the top three fears, things that make people hold in the laughs -- even when they want to.

Laugh, and The Whole World...Wait, They're Not Laughing! While we often picture people laughing in groups, and treasure the times we laugh with our friends as some of life's best times, no one wants to be the only person chuckling. This leads to hesitancy, an overall reluctance to laugh. If you wait for someone else to laugh first, you eliminate any risk -- but if no one laughs, you're forced to keep your joy inside. And remember: just as you're afraid to laugh first, so is everyone else. This leads to very joyless days at work.

This is a grown up job, act like a grown up! College days and kidding around at the sandwich shop are far behind you: now you've got a grown up career, with grown up responsibilities. This requires being serious at all times -- which is too bad, since laughter can have positive effects on the workplace: lifting morale, building teams, increasing efficiency.

Concern over being seen as 'mean' stops many people, who are confused about the difference between therapeutic, appropriate humor, and the taunting, teasing, sarcasm that we first encountered in the school yard. Obviously, we should not be using humor to inflict pain; there is plenty to laugh at in this universe without targeting other people. Make yourself aware of the difference, and diligently practice the former. You 'll find you won't have to worry about the latter -- it will feel 'wrong' when you use mean spirited, negative jokes.

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Sunday, 16 August 2009

New Illness Baffles Authorities

After a troubling turn of events in Canton, Ohio, on August 9th, authorities have reported the spread of a new epidemic around the country. While there is not yet any kind of cure, medical officials are calling this a fever.

The tentative name for this outbreak is "Football Fever". While all symptoms are not yet known, some include face painting, wigs, and grossly enlarged hands that resemble a massive number "one".

Those inflicted with the illness supposedly insist upon spending Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and once in a while, Thursday, spending as much time in front of the television as they possibly can while watching football in an effort to control their symptoms.

One inflicted victim ("Bob") described the situation to us. While he had spent most of the summer casually watching NASCAR and baseball, he suddenly changed the station to his local FOX channel and before he knew it, he found himself suited up in a football uniform with his face painted.

The victim's neighbors say they saw this coming all year. Everything on his front lawn now resembles footballs, and he even went so far as to tackle a neighbor carrying a sack of potatoes. The entire neighborhood is alarmed.

While many will be concerned with trying to get their fill to feed the fever the CDC reports that within one month there will be football in full swing at every level and those affected by this disease should be able to find comfort. If the fever becomes uncontrollable it has been noted that by joining 100,000 or more at any of the major universities in the country will bring immediate relief.

The Surgeon General went so far as to say that there may be something wrong with you if you DON'T suffer from this disease, as he believes that anyone in mainstream society is much better off with the symptoms.

Well, football is back. It's going to be another crazy year and I can't wait!

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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Keynote Speaker for a Business Celebration

If you've been tasked with organizing an important celebratory event for your business, then one of the most important decisions you have to make is choosing the right keynote speaker. The keynote address is what sets the whole tone for the celebration to come, so it's important that the speaker is perfect. Since you're aiming for a festive and fun atmosphere to celebrate some company-wide accomplishment or something similar, a comedian can be a good choice for a Keynote speaker.

Using humor is one of the best ways for a person to build rapport with a group of people. On top of that, let's face it: no one wants to come to a business celebration and listen to a speech about sales figures or a motivational speaker trying to life them up to new heights. The whole point of the celebration is to have fun, and humor just goes hand in hand with that. A good joke makes people feel comfortable and at ease, and helps them to relax and enjoy themselves.

That's not to say that you should just hire anyone who can crack a joke. You probably don't want to go to a comedy club and ask a comedian that you liked to come speak at your event. While you don't want to have a speaker who will make things fun for your audience, it's important to remember that this is still a business function. It's a good idea to find someone who knows a bit about business, even they don't know too much about your company specifically.

It's also important to keep good taste in mind. Even the most liberal and forward thinking company needs to maintain some degree of professionalism. You don't want a comedian who is going to go and tell all kinds of baudy, inappropriate jokes. Optimally, you want someone who can make the group laugh while also providing useful and topical information at the same time.

It's no easy task, but there are actually a lot of funny men and women who focus on doing this sort of thing. These comedians have crafted perfect mixes of humor and business that keep employees entertained and informed at the same time. These speakers often have a bunch of preset topics that they can speak on. For instance, if your employees have been overworked and stressed by a recent deadline, there are humorous keynote speakers who specialize in teaching stress relief methods in an entertaining way.

If none of their topics work perfectly for you, then they can also modify their message to fit better with the goals of your event. You'll have to communicate with the speaker beforehand to make sure that your message will fit into their presentations. Fortunately, these people are usually very adaptable so it's not difficult to come to an agreement.

Of course there are always concerns of money, and some comedic Keynote speakers do charge significant fees. However, if you can find a keynote speaker who understands the art of comedy at a reasonable price, it's well worth it.

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Monday, 10 August 2009

Oprah Winfrey with a Rapper

I can't believe my eyes! I never thought i'd see oprah winfrey with a rapper...

... i thought she despised them.

Guess things change, huh?

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

With Iced Out watches: The World is Yours

Okay, let's start with the basics. Iced out watches are timepieces that are gleaming with awesome sparkle from diamonds. They are often some of the most sought out in the hip hop fashion world. In today's markets, there are all sorts of designs and features offered in iced out styles. There is no doubt that those who are after an iced out look can find it available to them right on the web.

Let's talk about iced out chains and hip hop chains though. Iced out watches are encrusted with gorgeous diamonds. They are literally lined with them.

Don't worry though. The watches that you see in your favorite videos and on your favorite stars are probably genuine, but you can get the same look for much less. That means that anyone that is looking for iced out watches can own them. They look just as cool, shine just as bright but they are easier on the pocketbook. That is where it all started. The hip hop celebs are known for wearing extremely outrageous designs, jewelry and clothing. They take it to the max. It is through their videos and their appearances that hip hop clothing and urban gear got its name.

What is good for you, though, is that these looks can be yours without all that much work.Throughout the web, you are going to find a wide selection of great looking iced out watches. They glare with blingin' fashion. They gleam with bright light. Iced Out watches, chains and rings are designed in the most popular hiphop styles. Need something specific? Go ahead and have it custom made.

Want something that says just what you are all about? You'll find it. There are some excellent web sites online right now where you can easily purchase the iced out watches that you have been looking for. They are offered in just the look you want, to look just like what your favorite hiphop artist is wearing. With that said, quit just watching celebrities wear them on TV and get with it! Be independent! Be Cool. Have "Swagga Like Us." Iced out watches are only the beginning of what you can have at great prices on the web.

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Monday, 3 August 2009

Remote Control Black Lamborghini Chain

I wonder if Bill Gates does stupid s*** with his money

damn hip hop is so F***ing dead!

Hip Hop is Dead

Nas and Nick Cannon decided to put out a PSA for Hip Hop. whatcha think?