Thursday, 27 August 2009

This Set Surely Has An Entourage Season 5 DVD

Season five blends so well with season four; one is just a continuation right into the other. And with season 5 out on DVD right now, you will surely want to pick it up and hang onto it.

If you are someone that has never seen this show here is the basic plot of the series. It is a hilarious series that revolves around an up and coming Hollywood heart throb, Vince Chase. The series follows the life of Vince, as his half brother Eric, manages his career to assist in his achievement of being in the Hollywood spotlight. However, it does not only follow the life of Vice, it also documents the lives of his half brother and his entire entourage.

Although I have been a fan of Entourage since the very first episode, this is by far my favorite season yet. First of all contains a certain amount of reality, which helps you stay focused on what is coming up next. Also, it is unlike many other shows at there today, because the story lines are paced perfectly and do not drag on. The show also has enough humor that you will keep laughing even after some of Vince's biggest failures. You do not laugh at him, however, you laugh because you can relate to what he is going through, and the struggles he is facing. Although serious at time, you will not find yourself in hysterics by the end of the show, it is a light hearted comedy, that gives you a look at the upbeat side of life. Of course another reason that I am in love with this series is for the gorgeous men that come on the screen week after week.

Season 5 was also a season full of guest stars and cameos. Some of my favorites include Bow Wow and Fran Drescher. Other appearances included Martin Landau, Kevin Pollack, Eric Roberts, Mark Wahlberg and T.I.

Entourage Season 5 on DVD is a must have 3 DVD set that will leave you laughing not only at the lives of these incredible characters, but at your own existence as well.

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