Monday, 24 August 2009

Prank Gifts - Why Are They Always Popular?

It is usually really hard to come up with good gifts for people you don't know very well. The first thing to your mind might be to look for stuff the recipient will like and have practical use for. But how do you know what this person will consider practical? Another mistake some people do is to buy gifts that appeal to themselves without considering the taste of the recipient.

It is unfortunate then that what you might consider beautiful, practical and useful might seem ugly, unnecessary and not very useful to somebody else. I am sure that you get lots of completely useless (aside from being gifts you can give to other people) gifts from your family. Either books by my mothers favorite authors, kitchen stuff from my grandmother or car related stuff from my brother, all this is wildly pointless for me even if it might be very useful for them.

The thing with gifts is that most people already own almost everything they need. Of course you could get them something they really want instead, but those tings are often very expensive and not very realistic to get. Many young men would like a sports car, and even if the whole family pooled together enough money to get it there is still the problem of insurance, storing space in winter and so on.

So if we ruled out practical gifts, what is left? Gifts that invoke some kind of memory or positive emotion. This is why souvenirs are so popular even though they often are cheesy, pointless or even plain ugly. They invoke the memories from the trip. In the same way a nicely framed picture you got from your partner might invoke happiness every time you see it.

It is here that I will recommend the gag gift or prank gift. At first glance gag gifts are usually cheap throwaway things, but imagine if you can find a perfect prank gift that will have everyone at the party laughing about it for hours? Of course this gift will be better remembered than all the socks, cookbooks, money envelopes and other gifts taken together. And its not like a gag gift is very expensive, so you can always just give one away together with a "serious" gift for an unbeatable combo!

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