Sunday, 30 August 2009

Funny Team Names

Coming up with a team name is all about being yourself. Think of something and put your own comedic twist on it. Be random. The Gold Fish Bowlers for a bowling league is a perfect example and that just came right of the top of my head. I was looking around the room, saw the goldfish bowl and wala.

The next part of having a great team name again is creativity. Never use a team name that is out there. If you have seen it, others have as well and it will not be the ultra popular name you want it to be. For starters, never use the master batters because everyone has heard it. That name is also a bad choice because of its inappropriateness. The name that you choose reflects on yourself as well, so I would stay away from dirty names if I were you.

Below will be a list that will help you with ideas. I know this goes against creativity, but some people need the help. In this list I guaranty you that there will by the funny basketball team names that catch your eye and make you take a second glance at its greatness.

Like I said before, there is this list coming up of funny basketball names and they will make you the team that everyone talks about. This list isn't going to be just any list. This is going to be the hugest, most massive, most mammoth, titanic, vast, giant, very big list of funny basketball team names you will every see. (I cannot guaranty that.) It is a good size, but I would like to make it bigger so if you could comment or go to my website to add to the list that would be great.

Unleash The Furry

The School Bus Drivers

The Four Skins

Technical Knockout Players of Talent

Players out of Talent

Wonderful Excellent Enormous Dudes

The Intentional Foulers

The Technical Foulders...

Basket Brawlers

The Wet Wedgies

Super Heroes in Training.....

The Extrema

Already Lost

We Lose

Control Freaks

Foodoo Doctors

Wii Not Fit

Smoking Tress and Stroking 3's

Winged Beavers

Snapping Turtles

King Salmons

Wampus Cats

Wii Fat

The Three Basketeers

The Boston Three Party

The Three Amigos

Cunning Stunts

The Baseball Team

The Monkey Yummies

Lightning Zappers


The Cereal Killers

Staying Yummy

The Fugitive Mangoes

Dazzling Stars

The Hot Dawgz

The Razzle Dazzle of Fantazzmanglers

Mighty Morphin

Ginyu Force

Mischievous Polar Bears

The Flying Monkeys

Athletic Hippies

The Flying Apes

The Bankers

Flying Bacons

Crazy Catz

Lunch Ladies

You Lead And Afflalo

P.S. If you are sponsored though, you will not be able to use these team names, but the payoff is worth it. Show me the money.

P.S.S. Never make basketball about the money. Play for fun. That is the reason you started playing so keep it up. If you are playing for any other reason you should rethink why you are playing.

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