Monday, 24 August 2009

Making the Best Prank Calls Every Time

If you are a fun loving person, prank calling people can infuse a boring Friday with a load of laughs. Generally, while anyone can prank call, the more sophisticated your prank calling becomes the more fun you can have with the activity until eventually you are prank calling like a pro.

Before we examine the toolbox that a prank caller can use to achieve superior results. Let's look at the two different types of prank callers that one might typically encounter. The two camps can most easily be categorized by their levels of expertise.

The primary and most common kind of prank caller is the amateur. The amateur crank caller almost operated randomly. They know they want to have fun, but they are not sure how to go about the prank call so they usually call random numbers, say something silly, and hang up.

The more disciplined prank caller fits our second description. I call this the pro prank caller. This is person who plans the call beforehand and has the tools at his disposal to make the call go as smoothly as possible.

If you fall into the first category, but want to graduate into the second, what can you do? Follow these three guidelines for improving your prank calls.

Use the Technology

We are in the 21st century. Cell phones are built with caller ID technology and phone number databases can trace your number. Use a prank call service to disguise your phone number so that your target will not be able to ascertain who the call is coming from.

Don't Fall in Love with A Single Target

One mistake people often make is to call one person again and again. This is a rookie mistake. Once someone outs you in the call it is not a good idea to keep calling them back. They are onto the joke and all you are really doing is harassing them.

Use Your Creativity

The key to a good prank call is your imagination. Prank calling when inspired can lead to the best results. My advice is to use your imagination to prolong the call by taking your target around all the twists and turns of the joke before arriving at the punchline.

Keeping these three techniques in mind can help improve your prank calls dramatically. I believe that the only difference between an amateur and professional jokester is the discipline they use in crafting their prank calls.

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