Friday, 29 May 2009

Relapse is a REAL Disappointment

i'm a huge eminem fan. his first three albums were great! i didn't check for encore cause i heard some tracks off it and really wasn't feeling it (except for rain man - that's my shit!)

i was really looking forward to this album, especially since i missed his last one..or two. but after hearing this i'm mad disappointed! his rhyme style is the same on all tracks. he doesn't even sound like eminem - he sounds like a local white rapper. in fact the only song he sounds right in is underground - and that ain't saying much.

this sog here, and his first single crack a bottle are really the only jawns i kinda like. have you heard 3am? bullshit right? well... that's pretty much what the album's like - same rhyme style and same weak ass hooks.

i can't begin to explain how disappointed i am over this shit. and i say that cause i'm a huge fan, but real is real, and this album here is his worst i've heard.

glad i didn't pay for it!

1 comment:

  1. A dissappointment? The only other good Marshall album is Slim Shady LP. After that his his shit was pure shit. Relapse was on Slim Shady LP level. His second GOOD album. Fuck out of here. Learn your hiphop you fucking dumbass.