Thursday, 25 June 2009

Best Stand-Up Comedy DVDs

If you’re like me then you love to watch great comedies, be it stand-up comedy or movies in the comedy genre. I pretty much love everything to do with the likes of Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Jim Carey, Bernie Mac (RIP), Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Cedric the Entertainer and more. To me, these guys are the best stand up comedians and are without a doubt in the top ten stand-up comedians of all time – although I’ll have a tough time placing them

Needless to say, my favourite stand-up comedy DVDs features these comedians. If you’re after some laugh out loud funny s***, I’ve compiled a list of the best stand-up comedy DVDs that are a must have if you’re into comedies

Chris Rock - Bigger And Blacker – this is the second best Chris Rock stand up DVD, which sees him in top form telling jokes that hold some truth to them. Whilst some consider Bigger and Blacker to be his best, there is another that tops this -

Chris Rock - Never Scared – if you love Bigger and Blacker you’ll absolutely love Never Scared. This is Chris Rock at his very best! After watching this you’ll understand why he is respected and considered the most intelligent stand-up comedian by his peers. Chris paces himself the best in this show, performing for a solid hour and not slacking for a minute. Get this now! You’re guaranteed to be left in a great mood after watching this DVD

Dave Chappelle - Killin' Them Softly – some consider Dave Chappelle to be the funniest comedian of the current generation of comedians, and after watching this DVD you’ll understand why he’s been given this claim. He holds an unadorned technique in performing but times his jokes perfectly, and with a second-to-none delivery technique you’ll absolutely love this DVD

Jamie Foxx - I Might Need Security – “Hey Osama man, what in the f*** is your f***ing problem?” says Foxx impersonating Bill Clinton talking to Osama Bin Laden to prevent a war. Foxx is excellent at impersonations, and he displays it cleverly in this DVD. If you’re not familiar with Jamie Foxx as a comedian this is a perfect introduction to see why he is a triple threat entertainer as a music artist, an actor, and a comedian

Jamie Foxx - Unleashed - Lost, Stolen And Leaked – an appropriate title to Foxx’s follow up to I Might Need Security. He begins with a blast of jokes making you laugh from the moment he walks out. And as classic Foxx, he breaks out the piano towards the end of the show. Brilliant stand-up! Look out for his Bill Clinton impression. It’s even better than the one in I Might Need Security

The Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1 – this DVD single-handedly propelled Katt Williams to stardom! His sketches are on point, his timing is brilliant, and his jokes are second to none. This DVD is short – about 45 minutes – but definitely deserves to be amongst the top ten stand-up comedies as he is absolutely hilarious. Absolutely hilarious!

Def Comedy Jam - The Definitive Collection – ever wanted to watch your favourite comedians’ earlier work? Well with this DVD collection you can. Def Comedy Jam provided many now famous comedians with the opportunity to display their talent. Want to know why Bernie “I ain’t scared of you mother***ers” Mac was so loved? It’s all in this DVD collection

The Original Kings of Comedy – four of the best comedians front this very successful stand-up tour that was captured for DVD release by Spike Lee. Bernie Mac’s explanation of the word motherf***er alone is worth the purchase of the DVD

Eddie Murphy - Delirious – the first of Eddie Murphy’s two stand-up comedies. Eddie displays his talent supremely, making this and his other live stand-up show a favourite by other comedians

Eddie Murphy Raw – this, the second of Eddie’s live stand-up show cemented him as one of the greatest comedians

Richard Pryor - Live in concert – this DVD reveals why Richard Pryor is the King of Comedy. All comedians, including his peers (Paul Rooney, Bill Cosby) have studied Pyor’s work as to what makes a great comic, and a great performer. Your favourite comedians name Richard Pryor as THE biggest comedic inspiration in their career. See why for yourself with the DVD

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