Thursday, 4 June 2009

Is it me or has The Simpsons Gotten Too Mature?

Although i’ve always known about the Simpsons i only got into it about 4-5 years ago. Before that, it was just a show i knew about and watch whenever it was on television. When i really got into it, i loved it with a passion and would say wholeheartedly that it’s one of the greatest cartoons of my generation.

I have a problem with The Simpsons now though, in that it has gotten too mature. You know what i mean?

The first two/three seasons weren’t great. They were funny, but weren’t laugh out loud funny. But from season 3 onwards the show took on new heights. The gags were hilarious and the voices were on point. Each episode was on point! It was fantastic!

But now, after having seen season 20 in its entirety, i feel it has lost its innocent immaturity that made previous seasons 5 stars. It’s just gottn too mature! It seems like the head writers have grown up, or the new writers are not that funny. Whatever it is, the gags are just not there anymore.

I felt this way with season 19, which i thought was horrible – for a Simpsons standard (2½ out of 5), but i gave it a pass cause i thought the writers put all their energy into making The Simpsons Movie a just deserving of the ‘big screen treatment’. But come on guys, season 20 was just a poor!

I want The Simpsons i used to know of back on tv! Seasons 4-12 were all 5 stars to me. 12-17/18 were of good standards. But 19 and 20 were weak. And by the way, has anyone noticed that Nelson’s voice has changed since season 10? That’s what i mean by the show’s gotten too mature. His voice has a grouchy tone to it that makes him less funny when he speaks. I used to laugh at the idea of the little guy being such a bully with his boyish tone and bullish mannerism. Now, he sounds waaay too grown!

Come on Matt Groening and crew, get it together! The show’s soon gonna end, and that’s why you need the remaining seasons to be off the hook!

Go out with a bang! 5 stars all the way!

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