Monday, 15 June 2009

How to Copy Copyrighted Discs

Most DVD movies are ‘copy protected’ which means your disc burner software will not copy and burn them for you to keep as a back-up. Being unable to create a back-up of your purchased DVD is a bummer. If you’ve ever loaned a movie to a friend and received it scratched up then you know that creating a backup is quite essential these days

So, if you cannot copy a protected DVD, how do you create a back-up of it? Well, quite simply, you have to ‘rip it’

Just like there are programs that allow you to copy DVDs that aren’t copyrighted, there are programs that allow you to rip copy protected discs. Such programs allows you to extract all the content on a disc for storage on your computer as a back-up copy

The steps to ripping a copy protected disc are as follows:

1. Find a program that suits your needs. There are plenty of programs to choose from such as Rip Your DVDs and Quick DVD Copy
2. Once you’ve installed your software, open up the program and insert the DVD you wish to rip
3. Select the rip option you want. You can rip the entire disc, a certain scene, a particular part of a scene (using the time duration function), and you can even rip just the audio in the movie. The options are quite vast, which is what makes ripping a DVD quite fun. Once you have the settings you want, begin the ripping process. (Be patient, this can take some minutes!).

That’s it! Once the rip is complete, you’re all done. You now have the movie on your computer as a back-up

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