Monday, 1 June 2009

Susan Boyle Hospitalised

Many people have seen her audition on Britain’s Got Talent show, or at the least know of her name. Whilst her audition brought many to tears at the spectacle of the (dare i say) ordinary, she’s now being tossed around the media circles with no real regards of her feelings

I say no real regards to her feelings simply because her name is being used as a way for people, and/or what they do to stay relevant. She’s the latest sensational reality star to sell newspapers, magazines, generate traffic online, and generate and/or maintain ratings on television and radio shows. Story after story, her name is spoken of regardless if the content is true or not – the latest being that she’s been hospitalised. Remember Jade Goody from Big Brother being tossed around the media circles as well? One week she’s a darling. The next she’s compared to miss piggy. Is Susan Boyle the new Jade Goody?

Her rise to fame was accelerated phenomenally. I actually thought she was going to win the BGT title, but was happy when Diversity was given the title. Susan’s now considered ‘Britain’s Got Talent Runner Up’, and the backlash and rumours have begun. Remember Susan, entertainers are sometimes built to be destroyed in the name of entertainment

i hope Susan has a good career in the entertainment industry. I no doubt believe she’ll make millions if she surrounds herself with the right people. She has a wonderful voice and a beautiful personality. In saying that, i also believe she’s going to be hated on, and be tossed around the media circle on a love/hate rollercoaster. I sure hope she’s not the new Jade Goody though

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