Sunday, 21 June 2009

I'm Dreading Watching the Terminator 4 Movie

I absolutely loved the first two terminator movies. I think they're one of the best movies ever made

When i heard there was going to be a third one i was all up for it until i heard James Cameron was not directing it. I began to warm to the idea of a female playing the teminator, and being the most powerful one yet. But lo and behold, Terminator: Rise of the Machines turned out to be a huge disappointment

Terminator: Salvation have been out for a while now and all the reviews i've heard of it have ranged from despicable to poor at best. I even heard a critic say it was even worst than Rise of the Machines

After hearing Chrisitan Bale's outburst a while ago i can't say i'm too eager to watch this movie. The trailer looks great, but i'm not sure if i wanna take the chance and pay to watch the movie. I don't want to be disappointed, you know?

here's the Christian Bale outburst

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