Wednesday, 17 June 2009

How to Buy a Webcam

Webcams are more than little handy cameras attached to PC’s that send images via internet. They enable you to share life events to maintain long distance relationships of all kinds. While it is a simple function, it pays to know a little about how the technology of broadcasting videos over the net works before actually procuring one

The first consideration you need to identify in considering the best webcam to buy is what are you intending to broadcast. And second consideration is the question on who will be viewing your content. These two matters will help determine the type of camera you need to use, the software needed to get installed and the internet connection necessary. Before you make a choice about the best webcam to get, it helps to decide exactly how you want to use the technology, in other words, what you are intending to broadcast. This decision will impact upon the type of camera you use, and how you use it

Your choice of camera rely on what you are intending to show. If you are planning to reach a large public audience, you will need a good quality camcorder or megapixel camera to capture the high quality images. If it is simply for seeing who is at your front door or for watching the kids in their playroom, then high quality images would not be necessary. If the webcam will be for outdoors, it will have to be weather proof and have sun and UV protection. Power supply availability and robotic requirements for movement of camera and lens focus are extra considerations

Of the things that must be thought of when considering the best webcam to purchase also are the number of frames per second and the image resolution. The usual webcam has up to 30 frames per second which can show normal video images. Resolution on the other hand is measured on the number of pixels per inch. But while high quality images require a high resolution, some high resolution images will not render better visual quality, but simply slower to upload and download. On the other hand, the more frames per second you require, the more bandwidth, memory and processing power is needed

In addition, there is a gamut of physical components requisite to make webcam work. Depending on the type of camera and the process which you want to broadcast the content to the Internet, you will need to incorporate video capture hardware in your computer

Lastly, you will need an Internet connection. You would need a modem for dial-up connection, or modem/router for a broadband solution. Logically the higher the video quality you want, or the faster refresh rate you want, the more bandwidth you will actually need. Keep in mind always that your internet connection would play a crucial role in webcam broadcasting

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