Monday, 29 June 2009

Moonwalk Origins

Here's something i found on youtube - the origins of the moonwalk

Every great aritst respects those that came before them, and one of the ways to show this respect is to learn from them. Michael Jackson did just that with Black Tap Dancers and populated the moonwalk, which was called the 'backslide' back then by Bill Bailey


Sunday, 28 June 2009

Foxxhole Radio Show 260609

Here's the latest Jamie Foxx's radio show. The entire show is dedicated to Michael Jackson, with special guests dropping by

Rap group Onyx drop by in this segment

check out Foxxhole Radio Show 260609 for the other parts

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Michael Jackson Dead at 50

i was hoping this was a nightmare i was having, but it's true... the king of pop has died age 50

so upsetting...

RIP Farrah Fawcett

Michael Jackson Dead...?

Say it ain't so...

There are reports circulating that the King of Pop Michael Jackson has died after suffering a cardiac arrest

please tell me this isn't real!

Best Stand-Up Comedy DVDs

If you’re like me then you love to watch great comedies, be it stand-up comedy or movies in the comedy genre. I pretty much love everything to do with the likes of Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Jim Carey, Bernie Mac (RIP), Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Cedric the Entertainer and more. To me, these guys are the best stand up comedians and are without a doubt in the top ten stand-up comedians of all time – although I’ll have a tough time placing them

Needless to say, my favourite stand-up comedy DVDs features these comedians. If you’re after some laugh out loud funny s***, I’ve compiled a list of the best stand-up comedy DVDs that are a must have if you’re into comedies

Chris Rock - Bigger And Blacker – this is the second best Chris Rock stand up DVD, which sees him in top form telling jokes that hold some truth to them. Whilst some consider Bigger and Blacker to be his best, there is another that tops this -

Chris Rock - Never Scared – if you love Bigger and Blacker you’ll absolutely love Never Scared. This is Chris Rock at his very best! After watching this you’ll understand why he is respected and considered the most intelligent stand-up comedian by his peers. Chris paces himself the best in this show, performing for a solid hour and not slacking for a minute. Get this now! You’re guaranteed to be left in a great mood after watching this DVD

Dave Chappelle - Killin' Them Softly – some consider Dave Chappelle to be the funniest comedian of the current generation of comedians, and after watching this DVD you’ll understand why he’s been given this claim. He holds an unadorned technique in performing but times his jokes perfectly, and with a second-to-none delivery technique you’ll absolutely love this DVD

Jamie Foxx - I Might Need Security – “Hey Osama man, what in the f*** is your f***ing problem?” says Foxx impersonating Bill Clinton talking to Osama Bin Laden to prevent a war. Foxx is excellent at impersonations, and he displays it cleverly in this DVD. If you’re not familiar with Jamie Foxx as a comedian this is a perfect introduction to see why he is a triple threat entertainer as a music artist, an actor, and a comedian

Jamie Foxx - Unleashed - Lost, Stolen And Leaked – an appropriate title to Foxx’s follow up to I Might Need Security. He begins with a blast of jokes making you laugh from the moment he walks out. And as classic Foxx, he breaks out the piano towards the end of the show. Brilliant stand-up! Look out for his Bill Clinton impression. It’s even better than the one in I Might Need Security

The Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1 – this DVD single-handedly propelled Katt Williams to stardom! His sketches are on point, his timing is brilliant, and his jokes are second to none. This DVD is short – about 45 minutes – but definitely deserves to be amongst the top ten stand-up comedies as he is absolutely hilarious. Absolutely hilarious!

Def Comedy Jam - The Definitive Collection – ever wanted to watch your favourite comedians’ earlier work? Well with this DVD collection you can. Def Comedy Jam provided many now famous comedians with the opportunity to display their talent. Want to know why Bernie “I ain’t scared of you mother***ers” Mac was so loved? It’s all in this DVD collection

The Original Kings of Comedy – four of the best comedians front this very successful stand-up tour that was captured for DVD release by Spike Lee. Bernie Mac’s explanation of the word motherf***er alone is worth the purchase of the DVD

Eddie Murphy - Delirious – the first of Eddie Murphy’s two stand-up comedies. Eddie displays his talent supremely, making this and his other live stand-up show a favourite by other comedians

Eddie Murphy Raw – this, the second of Eddie’s live stand-up show cemented him as one of the greatest comedians

Richard Pryor - Live in concert – this DVD reveals why Richard Pryor is the King of Comedy. All comedians, including his peers (Paul Rooney, Bill Cosby) have studied Pyor’s work as to what makes a great comic, and a great performer. Your favourite comedians name Richard Pryor as THE biggest comedic inspiration in their career. See why for yourself with the DVD

Monday, 22 June 2009

Copy Movies to iPhone

Never have to pay for a DVD or movie again? This is my type of guy!

oh, here's another one. thank god for youtube!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

I'm Dreading Watching the Terminator 4 Movie

I absolutely loved the first two terminator movies. I think they're one of the best movies ever made

When i heard there was going to be a third one i was all up for it until i heard James Cameron was not directing it. I began to warm to the idea of a female playing the teminator, and being the most powerful one yet. But lo and behold, Terminator: Rise of the Machines turned out to be a huge disappointment

Terminator: Salvation have been out for a while now and all the reviews i've heard of it have ranged from despicable to poor at best. I even heard a critic say it was even worst than Rise of the Machines

After hearing Chrisitan Bale's outburst a while ago i can't say i'm too eager to watch this movie. The trailer looks great, but i'm not sure if i wanna take the chance and pay to watch the movie. I don't want to be disappointed, you know?

here's the Christian Bale outburst

Foxxhole Radio Show

here's the latest foxxhole radio show

check Foxxhole Radio Show for the other parts

Friday, 19 June 2009

How to Upload a Video onto YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing website which allows users to upload and share videos with any and everyone online. This essentially means anyone can broadcast what they want, when they want – which is why Youtube’s slogan ‘broadcast yourself’, as well as its logo, has captured the imagination of millions since its 2005 creation

The possibilities that YouTube offers is phenomenal! Many people use the site as a means of driving traffic to their own websites. Others upload videos of themselves, or of an event they want to share with the world simply as online entertainment. Indeed, the broadcast of personal videos is quite addictive. People can subscribe to your YouTube channel and be notified via email whenever you upload a new video, and are able to comment on them and converse with you and others about your videos, and the videos of others

Before you begin to upload your video you need to ensure what you wish to upload is under 10 minutes and smaller than 1GB in size. If your video is over ten minutes you’ll need to edit it into parts less than 10 minutes. For example, if you have a 28 minutes video, you can use Windows Movie Maker to cut it into three pieces and label the pieces part 1of3, part 2of3 and part 3of3 for your viewers. You’ll also have to make sure the video is in an acceptable format. Video files in the .AVI, .MOV, .WMV, and .MPG file formats are accepted. Most digital cameras, camcorders, and cell phones use these files so you shouldn’t need to do any file converting

Once you have your video ready the process is as follows:

1. Click on the “upload” button on the upper right hand corner of your profile page
2. Click on the “browse” button and locate the video file you want to upload, select it and click on “ok” or press the enter key on your keyboard
3. Click on the “upload” button and the uploading process will begin. At this point you can add in the extra information to go with your video – the title, video description, video category and tags. Click on the “save changes” button once you’ve added these details

Once your file has been uploaded it will take a few minutes to process and will become ‘live’ for all to view

Watch the video below for uploading a HD video

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

How to Buy a Webcam

Webcams are more than little handy cameras attached to PC’s that send images via internet. They enable you to share life events to maintain long distance relationships of all kinds. While it is a simple function, it pays to know a little about how the technology of broadcasting videos over the net works before actually procuring one

The first consideration you need to identify in considering the best webcam to buy is what are you intending to broadcast. And second consideration is the question on who will be viewing your content. These two matters will help determine the type of camera you need to use, the software needed to get installed and the internet connection necessary. Before you make a choice about the best webcam to get, it helps to decide exactly how you want to use the technology, in other words, what you are intending to broadcast. This decision will impact upon the type of camera you use, and how you use it

Your choice of camera rely on what you are intending to show. If you are planning to reach a large public audience, you will need a good quality camcorder or megapixel camera to capture the high quality images. If it is simply for seeing who is at your front door or for watching the kids in their playroom, then high quality images would not be necessary. If the webcam will be for outdoors, it will have to be weather proof and have sun and UV protection. Power supply availability and robotic requirements for movement of camera and lens focus are extra considerations

Of the things that must be thought of when considering the best webcam to purchase also are the number of frames per second and the image resolution. The usual webcam has up to 30 frames per second which can show normal video images. Resolution on the other hand is measured on the number of pixels per inch. But while high quality images require a high resolution, some high resolution images will not render better visual quality, but simply slower to upload and download. On the other hand, the more frames per second you require, the more bandwidth, memory and processing power is needed

In addition, there is a gamut of physical components requisite to make webcam work. Depending on the type of camera and the process which you want to broadcast the content to the Internet, you will need to incorporate video capture hardware in your computer

Lastly, you will need an Internet connection. You would need a modem for dial-up connection, or modem/router for a broadband solution. Logically the higher the video quality you want, or the faster refresh rate you want, the more bandwidth you will actually need. Keep in mind always that your internet connection would play a crucial role in webcam broadcasting

check out a range of the best webcams

Monday, 15 June 2009

How to Copy Copyrighted Discs

Most DVD movies are ‘copy protected’ which means your disc burner software will not copy and burn them for you to keep as a back-up. Being unable to create a back-up of your purchased DVD is a bummer. If you’ve ever loaned a movie to a friend and received it scratched up then you know that creating a backup is quite essential these days

So, if you cannot copy a protected DVD, how do you create a back-up of it? Well, quite simply, you have to ‘rip it’

Just like there are programs that allow you to copy DVDs that aren’t copyrighted, there are programs that allow you to rip copy protected discs. Such programs allows you to extract all the content on a disc for storage on your computer as a back-up copy

The steps to ripping a copy protected disc are as follows:

1. Find a program that suits your needs. There are plenty of programs to choose from such as Rip Your DVDs and Quick DVD Copy
2. Once you’ve installed your software, open up the program and insert the DVD you wish to rip
3. Select the rip option you want. You can rip the entire disc, a certain scene, a particular part of a scene (using the time duration function), and you can even rip just the audio in the movie. The options are quite vast, which is what makes ripping a DVD quite fun. Once you have the settings you want, begin the ripping process. (Be patient, this can take some minutes!).

That’s it! Once the rip is complete, you’re all done. You now have the movie on your computer as a back-up

Convert your DVDs to IPOD format!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Matrix & Terminator Movies stolen?

i came across this a while ago and was stunned cause i'd heard rumours of this before hearing this vid.

do you believe it? it's kinda hard not to

there are more parts to the video. peep it and other videos on my youtube page

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Is it me or has The Simpsons Gotten Too Mature?

Although i’ve always known about the Simpsons i only got into it about 4-5 years ago. Before that, it was just a show i knew about and watch whenever it was on television. When i really got into it, i loved it with a passion and would say wholeheartedly that it’s one of the greatest cartoons of my generation.

I have a problem with The Simpsons now though, in that it has gotten too mature. You know what i mean?

The first two/three seasons weren’t great. They were funny, but weren’t laugh out loud funny. But from season 3 onwards the show took on new heights. The gags were hilarious and the voices were on point. Each episode was on point! It was fantastic!

But now, after having seen season 20 in its entirety, i feel it has lost its innocent immaturity that made previous seasons 5 stars. It’s just gottn too mature! It seems like the head writers have grown up, or the new writers are not that funny. Whatever it is, the gags are just not there anymore.

I felt this way with season 19, which i thought was horrible – for a Simpsons standard (2½ out of 5), but i gave it a pass cause i thought the writers put all their energy into making The Simpsons Movie a just deserving of the ‘big screen treatment’. But come on guys, season 20 was just a poor!

I want The Simpsons i used to know of back on tv! Seasons 4-12 were all 5 stars to me. 12-17/18 were of good standards. But 19 and 20 were weak. And by the way, has anyone noticed that Nelson’s voice has changed since season 10? That’s what i mean by the show’s gotten too mature. His voice has a grouchy tone to it that makes him less funny when he speaks. I used to laugh at the idea of the little guy being such a bully with his boyish tone and bullish mannerism. Now, he sounds waaay too grown!

Come on Matt Groening and crew, get it together! The show’s soon gonna end, and that’s why you need the remaining seasons to be off the hook!

Go out with a bang! 5 stars all the way!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Gordon Brown Taught How To Smile

I've heard of media training but Gordon Brown looks like he's been taught how to smile. Big head Gordon [no offense intended] also does this thing with his lower lips where he looks like he's sick of the bullshit his damn self is spewing, lol.

i'm not the only one who thinks so. check out the video below

I love making fun of political leaders just like the next guy!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Eminem's Close Encounter with Bruno!

i really doubt eminem had anything to do with this. either way it was lol funny


Susan Boyle Hospitalised

Many people have seen her audition on Britain’s Got Talent show, or at the least know of her name. Whilst her audition brought many to tears at the spectacle of the (dare i say) ordinary, she’s now being tossed around the media circles with no real regards of her feelings

I say no real regards to her feelings simply because her name is being used as a way for people, and/or what they do to stay relevant. She’s the latest sensational reality star to sell newspapers, magazines, generate traffic online, and generate and/or maintain ratings on television and radio shows. Story after story, her name is spoken of regardless if the content is true or not – the latest being that she’s been hospitalised. Remember Jade Goody from Big Brother being tossed around the media circles as well? One week she’s a darling. The next she’s compared to miss piggy. Is Susan Boyle the new Jade Goody?

Her rise to fame was accelerated phenomenally. I actually thought she was going to win the BGT title, but was happy when Diversity was given the title. Susan’s now considered ‘Britain’s Got Talent Runner Up’, and the backlash and rumours have begun. Remember Susan, entertainers are sometimes built to be destroyed in the name of entertainment

i hope Susan has a good career in the entertainment industry. I no doubt believe she’ll make millions if she surrounds herself with the right people. She has a wonderful voice and a beautiful personality. In saying that, i also believe she’s going to be hated on, and be tossed around the media circle on a love/hate rollercoaster. I sure hope she’s not the new Jade Goody though